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The Fruitcake of Love

In Holidays on December 18, 2010 at 1:48 pm

The first Christmas together for sweethearts is always heart fluttering. Ours fluttered to a different drummer. 

In December 1998 I looked forward to presents under the tree like any big kid. I’d bought Sam a pair of new Carharts and was certain he’d be really impressed.

Sam never left the farm much and he never went shopping. He told me the first time he went into the City (of Ithaca) was when he was 12 years old. He never made more than a dozen trips a year into town. He’d spent too many years driving tractor trailer across America’s highways and had come home to stay put.

On Christmas Eve afternoon Sam drove three miles down to Valley Korners gas station and convenience store on Route 79. Miller’s Crossing is the intersection known as Enfield with the flashing yellow lights at the intersection with Halseyville Road. He filled the truck with gas, bought a twelve pack of Natural Light Beer, and did the rest of his gift shopping.

Christmas morning we exchanged gifts. When I opened up the plastic bag serving as festive wrapping paper, there was a Hostess fruit cake. That was it. I nearly hit him upside the head with it.

I put that fruit cake in the freezer. On Christmas Eve of December 1999 I wrapped that Hostess confection in pretty tissue paper and added a bow. I gladly handed that gift to him on Christmas morning and we laughed all day about it.

Sam hid that fruit cake in the back of the freezer for another year. Sure enough, it appeared under the tree in 2000 with my name on it from Sam. And so it went.

So I know it is really true what they say….

It’s not the gift but the thought that counts.