Jilly D.

Buffalo Hill into the Shindagin Hollow State Forest

In Uncategorized on December 24, 2012 at 1:19 am

This Christmas is a bit unusual and I need that.

For 20 years before I met Sam, I’d been on my own and made my own holidays, including Swen Days, which others might know simply as personal time-off.

Ham sandwich while moving

I’ve done solo before. And I can do something different, something for me this year. My preference for solitude and contemplation this special time of year gives me comfort in making a new home at the top of Buffalo Hill in the Shadagin Hollow State Forest. No Christmas Tree needed indoors as 100 acres of winter wildness includes trails of pine, spruce, and oak. Covered in snow.

Tall pines

Letting go of all the hoopla surrounding the holidays this year is a liberation of sorts. The rituals surrounding meals with others, opening gifts, and family conversations are so filled with stress that I’m frankly thrilled to experience the silence of being alone again. I can make what I want to eat and not worry about anyone else. Christmas Eve Day I plan to make a celery casserole that my Grandma Swenson used to make, but only after I finish cleaning my new kitchen sanctuary.

Kitchen windows


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