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Home is here in the Finger Lakes

In Uncategorized on March 23, 2012 at 12:11 am

Austin, Texas, is a great city but I’m so glad to be home. And the dogs are glad I’m home, too.

In this month of March I’ve put points on my new Sky Miles account. The last trip I took on an airplane was 1994. Took the train once from Syracuse to St. Paul to celebrate the Ice Carnival in Minnesota in 2004. I can’t recommend it as a winter getaway if what you want to getaway from is the cold weather of upstate New York. Haven’t seen much of the country, besides my the rolling hills of home terrain, in decades.

For the most part, I’m not impressed. Sprawling strip malls and highways span the landscape for miles in every direction. Regional franchises for restaurants, groceries, drive-thru chains and food malls make every meal on the road seem the same; hotel franchises make every room the same; every neighborhood where old friends live seem neighborless. From Wisconsin south to Texas and northeast to New York, I fell in love again with this special place here in the Finger Lakes. It’s not just one spot. It’s a community, a sense of home where you have history and connectedness to the lives of others who share this sense of place.

I can’t really get comfortable or sleep right when I’m away from home. Interesting I discover this now. I had myself convinced it was because I didn’t want to leave Sam’s side for more than a decade. This trip I knew Sam wasn’t at home waiting for me anymore, but I still wanted to “go home.”

Finding that place, more a space in your consciousness than a physical location, can be a lifelong pursuit for some people. I found that place early in my life. It’s where I feel comfortable in my own skin being myself. It’s also the zone where I can do my best work. At home at my own desk.

So it’s interesting for me at this age to see how difficult it is to write on the road. I’m a homebody writer. Whose inspiration is grounded here in the Finger Lakes.

Travel is exhausting. Sleep is medicine.


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