Jilly D.

Are you having fun yet?

In Mourning on October 14, 2011 at 12:33 am

This question comes to mind; and not just my mind. Cousin Tommy told me he thought about getting a tattoo in spoof of those straight edge freaks who had endured the torture of the needle to inscribe on their flesh What Would Jesus Do? What would Sam do?

What would Sam say? I hear his voice even when I don’t want to. If he had an opinion he voiced it distinctively. His view of the world still lives inside my heart. I can hear him loud and clear. I am not deaf.

“Are you having fun yet?” he’d ask me while my cheeks hardened under the sun pulling weeds among the onions.

Would he be interested in the Occupy Wall Street movement flying under the radar of corporate news media? What would he think of the recent stock market sinkholes? What would he think of me as I try to live without him?

He’d grab me around the waist and pull me close. Then he’d hold my head in his hands and look into my eyes and ask, “Are you having fun yet?”


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