Jilly D.

So long September….

In Time and seasons on October 1, 2011 at 8:21 pm

The first days of October have been known to include clouds with snow. The chill is on and the color called out from the leaves against the grey skies. This is the kind of day you call blustery. No denying how time marches on and silence here the past two weeks filled with private grief.

Putting the garden beds to sleep for winter, plant life dies back, and saying goodbye to September is bittersweet. I harvest the sweet memories from past years on the farm. Autumn approaches.

Three years ago this weekend Adam Ellick came to visit Sam and me On Warren Pond Farm and report for the New York Times how we were faring compared to the rest of the world in the midst of the worst economic collapse since the depression.  In that interview Sam told Adam point blank that if he got sick or hurt he would just quit. Adam reported he meant quit the game of life.

Sam said I would be able to go on because of having learned something from having lived this life with him. I nod my head in the video and yet I was stunned in that moment. Less than a year after Adam arrived to find snow on the first weekend of October, Sam quit. I am stunned yet.

Sam had such a great time when Adam visited. He got such a kick out of the young city slicker who didn’t see the boulder on the shoulder of the driveway for the snow. Sam went out in the snowstorm to find the rental car on top of a thirty inch tall boulder. We got the car off the rock and Sam banged out the dents and had a hearty laugh in the blinding snow.

The warmth of the fire in the Ben Franklin stove steamed up our glasses when we came back inside. I put the pork chops on and Sam turned on the TV to watch more bad news. The dogs underfoot and Adam’s tripods, lights and cameras in our faces, Sam soaked up Adam’s attention. After supper he took Adam out to the sunroom and flipped the switch to show off his Lionel train panorama. Twinkling blue eyes and a smile on his face, he played with the train for the fun of it. The backdrop of a first snowfall made the light brighter and our souls warmer.

Let it snow. Let it go.


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