Jilly D.

Life is short. Be happy. That’s a bunch of hooey.

In Mourning on June 28, 2011 at 4:04 am

Twenty one months, thirteen days.

Be happy. I keep hearing it, reading it, even working at it. Hooey. Ain’t happening yet.  I still miss Sam so much and the pain still so physical and real that I just can’t be “happy.”  Getting closer to okay.

Can I laugh? Yeah. Can I sustain the feeling of good humor? The five seconds after a punchline, yes. Otherwise it would take the tinkling bells of an ice cream wagaon coming up the street slowly to sustain a steady grin.

Life is short. Don’t I know that.

Time is the most precious resource of all. I am so glad I spent every waking day of a decade in the presence of the man I loved. I didn’t waste any of our time together.

Sam used to say: you can always make more money but you cannot make more time. 

I am taking my own time mourning.


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