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Who is that tweeting? Baby birds!

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Twittering outside the front door are five baby robins. In one week they have grown from featherless fetuses to fat and happy chirpers. Mother Robin can’t fit in the nest anymore. She sits on the next cottage’s roof watching. She flits in and out of the space around the nest holding tempting worms near enough for them to snatch the snack.

first bird out of the egg

First one out of the egg to squawk

As the seasons changed, the nest grew and made this place my home. I used to lay in bed with my eyes closed and Sam still snoring gently and welcome the sound of dawn. Birds sing just before the light of the sun’s first rays. Such a simple symphony.
The welcome chirping of these robins’ arrival brightens my morning. I have watched their tiny heads grow feathers and turn into near fledglings. I filled my hanging basket with begonias and snapdragons  and strategically placed it as a fairy landing zone for fledglings to fall into as they begin to test their wings. 
Watching the incredibly rapid pace of growth and development of these young’uns fascinates me as though living though time-lapse technology might be possible. Look and look again: see change.
baby robins

Five fit for about a minute

Change happens so fast that when I stepped out five minutes ago to see how big they were, looked like only one was left in the nest. Another sat on a paperbag in a basket I had outside the door. The bird sat and stared at me.
I pulled up a chair. We looked at each other for a while. The bird’s funny tufts of baby hair gave it a comic look. This fledging had taken its maiden voyage from the nest. I was its’ first experience at eye level with a human.  We studied one another. I took a few pictures.
 Amidst the planted herbs right outside my door, I sat and stared back. That baby bird and I had a silent conversation of glances and good vibes.
Then I got the footstool to peek in and see if this was the first or the last fledgling. How come nobody told me about the big liftoff? Guess the silence was the big crescendo to the event. There’s at least one more left in the nest. For sure.
I wait and watch to see if this bird will pop its  head out and at least look around as to where everyone else went. Instead, the baby seems to be panting. It’s a warm afternoon. Too hot to fly?
Mother Robin flies in and then diverts her landing to the neighbor’s porch perch. A big juicy worm drips out of her beak. I back up and away from the nest and walk into the lawn to watch the fledging’s last catered meal. Sure enough. Mama flits over to the next and two heads bob up and pull apart the tasty treat.
By tomorrow morning, the sweet chirping will be more distant as they’ve taken flight and their wings now carry them to the trees, fields, and hills around me. I think my little friend will be back. Sometime. First impressions bode well.

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