Jilly D.

Squirrel Talk

In Mourning, Pictures and memories, Signs from beyond on April 8, 2011 at 2:18 am

On Monday I pulled into a parking spot in front of a tree. A squirrel ran halfway up the trunk and turned around to look at me. Leaning over the steering wheel and up under the rearview mirror, I looked harder at him. We stared at each other for a long meaningful glance. Squirrel shifted his weight back and forth on his cold feet and pushed its nose down into the air above the hood of my car, glaring at me. Then squirrel started talking at me, telling me in no uncertain terms I have no idea what. Stunned by the talking squirrel I listened and looked without moving. Once the squirrel had finished his lecture, he scurried up into the budding limbs of the tree.

Sam had a pet squirrel in the house for more than a year. He built him a very large cage across the inside of the front side of the house with floor to ceiling windows to watch the wildlife on Warren Pond. Rocky the squirrel and Sam played around for hours at a time. Sam would feed him by hand. Rocky would crawl all over Sam but mostly sat in the crook of his arm.

Sam had all kinds of critters. He had that Dr. Doolittle voo-doo animal-speak thing going on all the time. Raised a pair of baby skunks inside. I can’t tell you how many white tail fawns and baby goats spent months indoors instead of in the barn.

One hot day we were going to bale hay. Sam told me after coffee that morning he’d go hook up the baler and wagons and would come back in to get me. Took him forever. He walked in the door with a fieldmouse. He’d saved it from the baling machine where it would’ve gotten crushed if he’d turned it on. He said it was tangled in the twine; so it was a delicate operation getting his fingers in there to get the mouse out.

I have no idea what that squirrel said to me Monday morning but I can still hear inside my head what Sam would have said to me.


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