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Arlene’s voice

In Anniversary and memorials, Mourning, Signs from beyond on March 4, 2011 at 7:59 pm


Arlene Fisher had a dream shortly before she died. She dreamt that she saw Sam as a ten year old in the backyard again. He called out to her and waved. She heard him. For those who never knew Arlene, she was deaf. Arlene wrote a letter describing her dream to Sam’s mom and sister. Her letter arrived the she died.

March is the first anniversary of Don, Arlene and Brian Fisher’s death due to an auto accident in California. The Cayutaville Methodist Church newsletter reprinted a poem she wrote in January 1986 and I share it with you.

A Poem for Me

Looked out to see a sparrow;

Found a Cardinal sitting there.

Flinging his song in the air.

Looked out from a weary soul;

And saw a soft brown dove

A gentle, sharing bird.

A token of God’s love.

Walked out on a gloomy evening

And found a star-lit sky.

A sliver of silver moon

With soft clouds floating by.

Awoke one dismal morning

And found the world alight

A dusting of spakling frost

Had settled over night.

If only I would remember

On even the darkness day

God sends love and beauty

If only I’d look this way.

Arlene Fisher- January 1986


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