Jilly D.

Linda please tell Sam how much I miss him

In Anniversary and memorials, Grief, Health, Signs from beyond, The Farm on February 19, 2011 at 12:32 am

Linda and Donny Gunning were sweethearts. And dairy farmers. And parents, and grandparents. Linda and Donny were good neighbors. Sweet memories the scent of newly mown hay linger in my mind. I tasted fresh raw milk. Sunset coming on and Donny still plowing up ground. Linda laughing while we went swimming.

Donny Gunning died 9 years ago on Valetine’s Day. Broke Linda’s heart. Sam lost a friend. He was 57 years old; so was Sam when he died.

Linda got pneumonia earlier this month. On the 12th she went to the hospital and on the 14th she was put in the same ICU room where Donny died 9 years earlier.

Funeral Services will be Sunday at 3 pm in Enfield.


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