Jilly D.

Princess of Pain

In Mourning on February 13, 2011 at 1:26 am

Okay the daily chronicle of my grunts and groans grows old. I get that. What surprises me is how I take a step back and hear my voice as Sam’s.

Cousin Tommy used to make fun of Sam for acting old well before his years. An old soul in a young man’s body, Sam was. Thomas heard more of his complaints than any other living being. And what an earful that must have been.

I heard my share of Sam’s personal woes. The weather sucks. Not a damn thing you can do about it. His ex-wife wants more support money; she won’t get any more. So-and-so owes me money but seems to have forgotten.

He told me things about people who had treated him badly; betrayal, violence, thievery. A lifetime of heartbreak. I’d already fallen in love. It made me mad. I won’t ever be able to forgive some of his “friends” for their slights. I don’t need to forgive them. That’s not my job. I do need to let go of that anguish he suffered because the world was so cruel to him.

He was the Prince of Bummers. And I was his frog. He kissed me.


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