Jilly D.

Flowers from Sam

In Signs from beyond on December 15, 2010 at 3:42 am

There I was in Wegmans picking up a few things to bake holiday cookies, bars, sweet breads and restock the dog training treats. I made it past the rolls, the muffins, the bagels; even past the deli counters. And then I came around the corner and the most beautiful yellow roses beckoned me. Amidst an entire display of roses after roses in every shade and hue, one bouquet of bright yellow ones called out. They glowed with sunlight even under the flourescent bulbs. I stood there admiring them.

“Buy them, Jill, from me,” I heard Sam whisper in my ear. For all the times he didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t; but wished he had. I knew they reminded him and me of the incredible yellow rosebush along the side of his parents’ garage. 

I wouldn’t think of it. Roses. In December. But I looked at the price tag. At $9.99 I put them in the shopping cart. The kind of bargain Sam loved.

Set upon the pine table Sam built, the flowers grace my new home. He lives on in my heart and his sweet nothings are everything to me.


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