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Loving grief

In Uncategorized on August 10, 2010 at 9:06 pm

Almost eleven months after Sam committed suicide, I begin to write again. For more than a dozen years I lived off-the-grid without the noise of postmodern life. Sam and I lived a full and rich life off the land and those wonderful experiences live on in my heart. I didn’t have time to read much less write while farming full time while Sam was alive. I was too busy loving and living life. Now it’s time to write.

  1. Dear Jill,
    You can’t imagine the hours I have spent reading the story of you and Sam. This is the second time I have come here to your site and spent hours reading. I didn’t leave comments on each post because I was too engrossed and in a hurry to read the next and the next, etc and so forth.
    I don’t know your publishing plans, I just wish you would get these precious words out into the wider world. Other widows need to read this. Not just widows, many readers would find something in these words of yours.
    From this one, Aug 10th, 2010, I believe, all the way through…please self publish, traditional publish or something in between. I don’t think changing, organizing or anything but very, very light editing should be done to it.
    This work is raw and real, funny, bittersweet, heart-wrenching, and touching.
    But what do I know? Ha!
    Warm hugs,

    • Thanks Patti for your kind words. I finished this work weeks before Sam died in 2009 and my agent Joelle Delbourgo had interest from publishers, but I pulled it because Sam wrote a different last chapter to our life together that didn’t mesh with the manuscript and messed with my mind. The trend of farm memoirs has come and gone, and I’ve begun working on new writing projects. But I did want to share the story. This is how I can do that. I’m glad it touches you.

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